The Apprentice’s Sorcerer

Και κάπως έτσι τελειώνει ο μύθος ότι ο φασισμός ακολούθησε σοσιαλιστική πολιτική. Αντίθετα, πηγαίνει χέρι χέρι με τον οικονομικό φιλελευθερισμό, ανακατεύοντας ιδεολογήματα του ατομικισμού , κοινωνικού δαρβινισμού, ελιτισμού, προκειμένου να ενδυναμώνεται η ελεύθερη αγορά και να τελειοποιείται ο καπιταλισμός ενάντια σε όποια ιδέα πολιτικού φιλελευθερισμού και Δημοκρατίας.

«The foregoing analysis again proves that in the Nazi period enterprises continued to shape their actions according to their expectations and that the state authorities not only tolerated this behavior, but bowed to it by adapting their contract offers to the wishes of industry. . . . The behaviour of enterprises in all these cases also demonstrated that they foresaw the eventual reduction of interventionism and state demand, which would lead to the reemergence of a market economy and to greater foreign competition. . . . Thus, industry itself did not consider the development of the
Nazi economic system as heading towards central planning and socialism. Rather, the very important role of the state in the prewar and war
economy was seen as related to warfare—and thus temporary. Although there was no guarantee that a postwar German economy would return
to a more market-like framework—in fact, in a dictatorship such as that of the Nazi regime no such guarantee could be really credible—the
daily experience of entrepreneurs and managers in their dealings with the bureaucracy of the Nazi state obviously led them to that conviction. There-
fore they acted accordingly and by doing so found this conviction again and again confirmed. For the regime generally tolerated their behavior
inspired as it was by their regard for the long-term profitability of their businesses (Buchheim and Scherner 2006: 405; emphases added).»
Από το the apprentice’s sorcerer

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