Badiou the Gangsta

(βλ σελ.365-374) :

In 1970, Alain Badiou and Judith Miller even created a course together just to monitor the political content of other classes in the philosophy department. Alain Roger, a former student and friend of Deleuze, still remembers Deleuze’s pique on the day it was his turn to be inspected by Badiou’s “brigade”: “I’ve got to go because I’ve got Badiou’s gang coming.” Deleuze reacted extremely calmly to the interventions and avoided direct clashes, even when groups of up to a dozen people bent on picking a fight would show up. “OK Deleuze, it’s all very well what you’re doing here, but you’re just talking all by yourself in front of a captive audience! Look at all your admirers in front of you. They’ve been struck dumb! They’re not saying a word! Is that your approach? Define your approach for us!” Philippe Mengue remembers the virulence of his accusers, who “wanted to make Deleuze contradict himself, turning up with copies of Nietzsche and asking trick questions to try to catch him out.”Often the “brigade” would end up imposing the “People’s Rule,” commanding the students to quit Deleuze’s classroom on the pretext of a meeting in Lecture Hall 1 or a rally in support of a workers’ struggle. Deleuze reacted calmly, pretending to agree with them and retaliating with irony.

Deleuze was not the only target of Badiou’s “brigades.” Jean- François Lyotard, another “desirer,” also figured on the list of those who had to be disturbed to ensure the salvation of their flocks. Even François Châtelet, the diplomatic chairman of the department since Foucault’s departure, was on the list of prey. During the 1970s, however, the Maoist tribunal waned along with the steady decline of troops subscribing to Maoism, and as the years went on, Deleuze’s seminar was spared the incursions of the worshippers of the little red book.

Ο Μπαντιού έστελνε μαοϊκούς και σπάγαν τα μαθήματα του Ντελέζ και ο Ντελέζ έλεγε :  «έρχεται η συμμορία του Μπαντιού» !

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2 Responses to Badiou the Gangsta

  1. Ο/Η heroicodesembarazo λέει:

    Φυσικά η Μιλέρ είναι η κόρη του Λακάν. Τώρα, το είδα.

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